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Welcome To The Jungle

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My Dad loves concerts. Either if the concerts are from the musicians back in his younger days, or even nowadays artists such as The Chainsmokers, Martin Garrix, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, etc etc etc and that sums up EVERYONE HYPE. I’m lucky because he always has this young, adventurous, rocking soul inside of him, splashed with a lot of style and fashion sense.
So anyway, Guns N’ Roses music has always been close to my ears. I love Welcome To The Jungle and Sweet Child O Mine most, as those two tracks are legendary. It’s been introduced early to my life and a kind of music that I’m familiar with. One thing led to another, one concert after others, and there we were, in early 2017, queuing our way amongst all of the fans, waiting to see one of the most legendary band ever. The fight for the merchandise, the wait, I still can recalled that sunny afternoon in Singapore. I was actually patient, waiting for the band to play in one of the most gigantic venue I’ve ever been. The patience and the excitement were not only merely on the seeing of the band, but also because of the people coming. Truly one of the most fashionable crowd I’ve ever seen !
I didn’t plan to build a blog back then, I didn’t think to take a lot of photos ( duh ! ) but I think I’ll always remember those people. The shirts, the ripped jeans, the bandanas, the boots, the accessories, leathers, mini skirts, hats and everything were so interesting and super cool. I enjoyed the sight so very much. I didn’t want that night to end, but it’s a memory and a moment passed by now. But surely, a moment remembered for all of my life time. Not only the concert and the people, but the coolest Dad that took me there.


The guys surely have aged but they still rock the stage like legends. The energy was remarkably amazing. Everybody was jumping, singing, screaming on top of their lungs, having one of the best time of their lives. Phones up, hands up, lights everywhere. And indeed, they were still on top of their games when it comes to fashion sense. With the same attitude and style, they were still the coolest guys ever that would be anyone from any age ‘s favourite.
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Top and Bag : ZARA – Ripped Denim : TOPSHOP but I did all the rips myself – Boots : STRADIVARIUS – ACCESSORIES : Vintage Markets
Surely, someday I will pass the love for this band and their songs to my children and the next generations. Some music is worth the preservation.
That’s all from me today.
Love, S.
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They were SURELY total BABES back in the days, right ? Although SLASH killing it playing that guitar everytime, AXL ROSE is my total crush.
Talents and Styles in their blood. This is AXL ROSE nowadays. Still fashionable A F.
PS. Dad went to Justin Bieber concert too with me. Just wait until the time comes to post that one ! LOL.

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