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Summer is Not Over – Bali Style

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Bali living is the best. You get to live by the beach and experiencing the summer vibe all year long. It might get cold some days and it gets chilly some other time, but the sun always has its way to come up, providing us with the warm or hot breeze, giving us some tans and a chance to surf the waves. Speaking of which, summer fashion all year long.
I don’t have any six packs left, I don’t have flat stomach and I’m insecure in my bathing suit. I haven’t touched my bikini collections for two years now, but I know soon I will. LOL. For the time being, I love a one piece thing, IN STYLE for sure. Just to hang out and not having any dip in the pool by the beach club or on the beach itself, I love to hang out with my one piece accompanied by soft woven rubber waist shorts. It’s comfortable, effortless, yet stylish still without trying too much.
I’ve found this one-piece one shouldered swimsuit with decorative rings on the shoulder by H&M in dark khaki green. The colour is not too strong and it’s fully lined. Paired it with soft woven in light beige melange wide cut shorts. A perfect sunset afternoon outfit. I always have my RayBan sunnies with me, as it’s a versatile piece that goes with almost everything. Also, found a bag by ZARA in medium size, the outer part is see through, with a drawstring compartment inside. Surprisingly, it fits most of my stuff and you can use it in two different ways : as a hand bag or a sling. All of my outfit is in a soft, yet natural colour scheme. Accessorised in gold stud earrings, rings and necklace to finish the whole look and just let my hair as they are.
If I ever change my mind I’ll just take the shorts off and dip, if not, it’s still a great outfit. Way to win win, right?
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My most favourite place to spend a sunset session. Not too busy, great food and drinks. But I’ve always been that kind of girl who snacks on simple things : young coconut water to detox myself and salted chilli flakes edamame. It’s fit friendly and not going to make you skip dinner time because you’re too full.
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Love from Bali, S.
The actual pairing : the swimsuit and the shorts, all affordable from H&M. Easy, not sleazy. Chill, not tacky. Stylish and comfortable. Your feel-good summer outfit.

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