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Kangaroo Pouch Salvation : High on The Waist !

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Tube Top – Bag – Accessories : TOPSHOP, Pants : ZARA, Sneakers : FILA Distruptor
Body issue is something that every girl or woman deals with. Either you’re the long legged models strutting the runway confidently, the ideal body type owners, or regular people, in one point of life, you might find yourself in front of the mirror, loathing, and your Mom or anybody close to you will try to convince you that you look okay.
I used to have six-packs in my twenties, but as I grow older and get busier ( and easier to get tired ), it’s a teensy hard to keep up the routines and stay committed to the hard ass trainings and KETO diet plans. Trying to keep up with 3-4 days a week of gym session and watching what I eat, still, I have my lower stomach in a shape like a jelly, ready to explode from the package. I tell Riccardo, my cross fit coach, that it’s my Kangaroo Pouch. He laugh about it a lot when I bring it up. But indeed, it’s like having an extra flesh down there. There rest of me, I can cope.
Then, I strolled around one afternoon, and there it was. Spotted ! A pair of cute looking pants. When I took the product out of the hanger in the ZARA store, I could feel the soothing and good quality cotton material, suitable for me to wear in the humid and hot Bali atmosphere, day or night. The big floral patterns are also eye catching but chill still. Not really colourful, but just enough to get that summer lovin’ feeling. I tried it on and I got the winner to hide the imperfection of my lower abs !
It’s totally high waist, with plenty of room for the Kangaroo Pouch, so it’s not visible even when I’m sitting down. Sort of baggy, but not too much, therefore I don’t look huge. My upper body is rather appropriate, so I still can wear this cute thing with a tube top and I look ideal in disguise.
I spotted two patterns of the pants available at the ZARA store in my city. The first one that I bought is in the blue one. The second one, I sort of found it accidentally on the sale section in Jakarta. So I got both, because they’re so comfortable and they hide my imperfections.
Kangaroo pouch is hidden, comfortable to the core, ZARA to the rescue !

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