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Don’t Pick Up The Phone, He’s Drunk and Alone

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Ladies and Gents, may I present to you : The Ex-Boyfriend Issue, starring me and my rants. LOL.
It’s a lovely day here indeed and my thoughts are going from one place to another randomly. I’ve been planning to tidy up my files on my hard disk, not even a half way through, I bumped into several old photos with my on again off again ex-bf. But seriously, it’s off to infinity and beyond now. So let’s start the story.
I’ve been with this guy and communication wise, we can tolerate one another. Even from the simplest things, I love being photographed and he actually took great photos of me everywhere we go. We even use the same unisex perfume ( Jo Malone, English Pear and Freesia ). But to be honest, it’s hard to keep the relationship going, because we fight almost every day. Even when we go for holiday, there will be one tiny detail that set us both in flames. Strangely enough, we always found our way back to each other. That being said, there’s never been a closure, a finish line, or an end.
The last time, we thought we knew what went wrong and how to make things right. But damn wrong. We kept on fighting until it downed on me : the revelations, the realisations.
He’s toxic. And like any other useless toxic in your body, you have to let it go. Why would I hold on to a toxic relationship ? And what are the signs that you should notice, that somebody is a toxic in your life ?
Here goes :┬áLiar liar ass on fire. If he keeps on lying to you even from the smallest details, why he was late, why he didn’t call, why he didn’t pick up his phone and these behaviours keep going in a long-term ? Well, it’s kind of built-in with his characteristics. Drop him immediately and say good bye. There’s only a tiny hope that he’ll change.┬áHe always vanish into thin air, and all of the sudden he calls and he asks for your company. Well, probably he’s just drunk and alone.
If you know that you’re weak, and you’ll never ever have the power to say no to him when he’s in front of you, just run away. Just avoid any contact with this guy. Just drop it. It will suck for a bit because you’re used to have him around, but as I said ? Toxic. It’s almost like drinking. My favourite drink is Gin and Tonic. When you drink for one sip, two sips, one glass, two glasses. It tastes so good with every gulp of the liquor accompanied with good music, but when it gets too much, you’ll feel shitty in the morning and here comes the regrets.
So just run away. Set yourself free from anything that makes you step backwards. And by keeping this guy, probably you’ll miss chances of meeting someone better.
Treat yourself better. You’re unworthy of toxic. Everybody deserves better. The worst decision girls ever made is by following their hearts without using the touches of what guys called LOGICS. Always use your heart but never ignore what your brain tells you.
Why would you be in the same rotation that you’ve known already that the ending wouldn’t be pretty and exhausting ?
Love, S.
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Know that you deserve to smile, laugh and be happy.
Dress – Shoes – Bag : TOPSHOP, Accessories : Bali’s Local Weekend Market
Speaking of which, loving the hot latte, mushroom quiche and the athmosphere of this place ! Located in Mega Kuningan area in Jakarta, you’ll never imagined that there will be a hidden gem alongside the residences. The little place is next door to one building consists of hidden suites, you’ll have to take time finding this place if you’re not familiar with the area. They share the same big black gate out front, so literally on the same place. FILLMORE COFFEE – JAKARTA, I’ll give you five stars for the great drinks, food and friendly staff. See you here around on Sundays, one of the odds we’ll bump into each other.
Anyhow, about the outfit. I’ve always love something simple but fashionable to move around with. So this dress by TOPSHOP is for the win. Because I can still move around and get well-photographed. With floral details and catchy mustard yellow colour, it’s totally not too simple. After the coffee, I was going to hop into a museum. So I’ll need a practical bag which is not going to be heavy and contain all of the important stuff such as my cards and phone. This bag from TOPSHOP also, can contain my money, cards, compact powder and lip balm. Looks tiny but just enough room for girl’s crucial stuff. I can’t wear heels so there : CHUNKY SNEAKERS. Surprisingly comfortable. The leather gave me a bit of blisters because they’re new, but once get worn a lot, I bet it’s going to be better. Accessories wise, I’m just throwing a bunch of champagne gold stuff I’ve got from Bali.

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