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Meet The New Tacky : Sleazy Young Money

Let me start this post by apologising mostly to myself because I haven’t been writing for a while, it’s a matter of a commitment I’ve made with me myself and I and damn I broke it. Commitment, people, to anyone anywhere is made and promised to be kept and to be done. So, I’m not happy at all, but I’m trying to be back at this. Anyway. How are you guys ? It’s Monday 11.19 PM when I’m writing this down.
So, a couple of months ago, I was given a chance by my parents’ good friends to go to Labuan Bajo, an island so beautiful just under an hour plane ride away from Bali. Less known than Bali but being heard a lot by tourists nowadays. It’s pretty much like Bali in the old days, but with modern civilisations. A little story behind this was that my parents donated our works as in decorative lightings for a Catholic Church slash salvation home and pretty much a mix of everything to help those in needs. This place was donated by a lot of people. Little did I know, these people are those unseen and undetected by the press, but who they are and what they’ve built are those we’re familiar with. When I was being introduced, I was amazed knowing that this person owns this big soap company all over this country, this one is the owner of this furniture company in which the billboard ads are all over Indonesia, this person owns this food company, etc etc etc and it keeps on going and I had a hard time to keep my mouth from hanging open. I know that my parents have good connections, but this was just HUGE beyond my expectations. But guess what amazed me the most : They are the kindest, most down to earth, humble people that I’ve ever met. They were warm, they were friendly : they are regular human beings, blessed and tend to share their blessings. They set up good examples and it was such an honour meeting them. Some of them had visited my house recently for my Dad’s BBQ ribs, actually. And they dressed up like normal people.
You see what I think is funny ? I got several friends who came from nothing. They struggled and they made it as a self-made young money rich. It’s really admirable, trust me. I admire those friends. BUT, yes, there’s a but. With their recent cash in their pockets, it’s really sad that they think they own the world. I see them being rude to those who they think are below them ( example : waiters or waitresses, somebody who owns less than them ), they think they own the world and can buy anything in life or date anyone they want. I’m not really keen on people who forget where they came from. That’s never going to change the fact that at some point in life, they know what it’s like to struggle and to have nothing. I think they should be grateful and thankful, not cocky and snobby, and think less of others.
My parents taught me this well and I’d love to share this to whoever reading this post. Keep your eyes to the stars, but keep your feet to the ground. When you have more than most people, share what you have without expect anything in return, because if you do good, good things will follow you and you’re well taken care of in any way. Motivate yourself to do better and better, and when you reach your goal don’t forget the start and be grateful that you’re finally there. There is no finish line because we’re just human beings who will never ever be fulfilled. Be friends with anyone and be wise. Be nice and kind to everybody. Never be rude, never be cocky. Because you’re only human. Just live and always try to be a sunshine in everybody’s life.
So, whoever you are, whatever you do, no matter how much you have, be humble. This is a characteristic that will take you far. Good old manners and a good heart, never fails. That what makes you succeed in life and open a lot of doors.
Goodnight people. S.
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So, my parents, they own a design and production company, producing artworks, decorative lamps and lighting designs and has been doing their awesome jobs since I was a little baby. They have several projects going on in Labuan Bajo right now, including Ayana Komodo – photos above. Opening this year and these are glimpses of what it’s like there. But let me tell you this, it’s worth a trip here. I was so very amazed by the beauty and serenity of this island. It’s like stepping in into a set of movie that is too good to be true. On top of my head, I was thinking it was like a Jurassic Park movie set. I’m definitely in love with this island. Surely, I’ll be back. So thankful for this opportunity to my parents and especially their friends. I’m just one lucky girl who’d like to share this to you all. The thoughts. And the island.
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