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Landed Recently From Nasty Galaxy

Let me start by saying : SOPHIA AMORUSO , you’re my muse and my inspiration, you’re the best ever and a true portrait of a #GIRLBOSS , I love your book and it motivates me more than ever, you make girls think they can be better and I feel like I know you by reading your book, vision and by the way, you are : FIERCE – no questions !
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If you haven’t read this, BUY THIS ! I even gave this to a friend in Bali who’s a hard worker herself and she loves it ! Believe me, if you feel desperate and in need of motivations, this is the right book to read. Again, two thumbs up for Sophia Amoruso.
I love reading. Anything. It’s kind of random because I love books. Let’s keep it like that. It’s been like this ever since I was a kid. Even before I could really read, I loved to pretend that I could. My Mom’s magazines were victims of this behaviour. Haha. So, anyway.
Luckily enough, I have this small bookstore just one level above my gym. I always pass the store after I finish training, on my way back to the car park. So it’s totally unavoidable. I truly am a severe shopaholic kind of girl, but I think besides clothes and any other things, books are pretty much into the category of the things that I can’t really resist. And there it was, a stack of #GIRLBOSS book, sitting on the best seller sections. I’ve always thought the cover was catchy and so girly, but I’ve never really checked the book out. Until one day, I’ve seen some IG stories of friends highlighting how good and inspirational this book was for them. I got curious, picked one out, and started reading. And god. GOD.
You know that kind of book which you just can’t put down once you get into reading the first few paragraphs ? Well, yes. Subjectively, this what the book did with me.
It’s basically a life story of Sophia, the once a 22-year-old girl trying to survive everyday to buy herself a chai latte from Starbucks and fighting an insurance for her hernia. She’s been in love with vintage clothing since she was younger, so she started this e-Bay store that she named Nasty Gal. The store grew into a company that today is so big, with the same name : NASTY GAL. It’s like a story of a dream comes true, BUT with hard work.
What amazed me the most is that Sophia is just one strong girl who doesn’t give up on life. She quit so many different jobs, get fired so many times, it was just like dark times but she never see it that way. She learned from every job she ever had and turned out it was something that I believe too : nothing is ever really a nothing, either we learn from something or get something or whatever. When some people thought she was a girl who never finished anything, at the end of the day, she proved them wrong. She is one of the most influential woman nowadays. Reading the book is just like reading texts from your big sister who knows better. How to face life, to cope with failures, how to face what people throw at you, how to behave and how to strive. It’s more like a life journey and how to face everything. It’s like a business book, but also a life book. I don’t know, I think I got everything from reading the book. It’s like a great juicy all in cheeseburger with fries and coke after a hangover. HAHA.
Whether you are on your 20s, 30s, 40s or whatever, it’s never too late to start something. Anything really. Sophia might started on her early age of 20s, but some started later. It’s each person on each time. Success is never something that you can compare to others, but you can compare to yourself. Probably you can’t do something today, but you succeed in the next year or several months to come. Probably you’re not really doing well in fashion, but you’re doing so well in finance. It’s different for each individual. The key is to never give up on something, keep finding yourself and build your future.
Read for yourself. Buy the book. Get inspired. Sometimes, we need it when we feel empty of just need a little push.
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I’ll update you guys on some other great books – according to me. Well, everybody has each own individual cup of tea. Or latte. LOL.
Floral Headband – Crochet Top – Bag : ZARA , Denim Shorts – Sandal : TOPSHOP , Accessories : MANGO


Love, S.
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She was enjoying her afternoon off with coffee on one hand and the epic book from me on the other. I think she’ll make a great #GIRLBOSS someday. Go Anna !


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