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Create Like It’s There When You Can’t Be There

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Sipping my morning latte, no make up days, fresh from the shower, flip-flops and nobody cares.
H A P P Y   S U N D A Y   P P L !
So this is the story about a place where you’d rather be, when you’re really bored in a place where you’re at.
If you’re not a dedicated traveller, there must be one home where you’re doing all the activities in a daily phase, it’s your regular routine, again and again, where people might ask how your day goes and you’ll probably say, ” meh, same same but different shit everyday ” – or at least that’s an answer of my question that I throw to most of my friends about their days, well that’s the point that I get, almost every time.
Having always been travelling and living somewhere my whole life, my friends thought that I’ve never been bored with where I’m at. But sometimes, when I’m spending too much time in one place, having the same routine, or work makes me stuck someplace, I do feel like I want to escape and just be elsewhere. I want to be somewhere that I feel most comfortable with, or makes me feel like I’m at ease and at peace. This place might change from time to time. Like there are days where I feel happiest in Singapore, or in my box town when I’m feeling homebound or my second home as I called The Paradise. My point is, people tend to get bored where they’re at, in some points of their lives. People tend to have goals about where they want to live in the future, and as time goes by, the goals will change because people change. You’ll feel fulfilled in one point, and then you’ll get bored and fed up, then you move on. It never stops. That’s being human and nothing’s wrong with that.
So, this goes to all of the people who feel stuck today and who feels like you can’t escape. If you like the beach so much, put on that chill summer music and work with that music swaying on the background. If you feel adventurous, go buy a small cactus and put it in a small corner of your office or on your working table, if you’re elsewhere and you miss your hometown, put the photographs of your loved ones at home – they might motivate you because eventually you will come home again.
So people, wherever you are, make the best out of it – you might miss that place one day.


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I love spending my days in this place so much – not everybody knows this place yet, rarely spotted local Indos, nobody really knows me – it’s like a tiny little safe and sound place for me. I’m going to be selfish and not revealing the place yet – but I promise, someday I will – when I’ve already found somewhere else to hide from the world. Haha.
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Shirtdress and Bag : ZARA – Shoes : Converse All Stars
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Hey you, if you ever found this place, or know this place already, you might spot me here. A LOT. Up until the next secret escape, people ! Love you all, beautiful souls.

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