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Have I Told You Lately : You’re Pretty

Happy Friday, TGIF, it’s Friday and let’s say YAY ! How are you people ?
They all say the mainstream line : There are things in life that money can’t buy. Indeed, there are. But we also need money because we’re living as human beings, not as unicorns who poop rainbows, we have needs, am I right ? These are the things that people chase all day everyday of their lives, and that’s people, is the reason you forget about one thing that is actually crucial : making your loved ones happy without involving money or things. Yes, it’s a very beautiful and the most heart warming thing ever, when your boyfriend gives you a bouquet of flowers or presents, it’ll be lovely and something to brag about to your girls the next day. BUT ! Have you ever thought about this example : He takes you out to dinner and it’s all so lovely, but he’s busy texting with his phone, or he didn’t realise you get a new hair cut or you’re so cute in your new dress. Isn’t it important too when he notices the little things there are about you ?
Same goes with your friends. Some of your friends might be the most fun to hang around with, going to parties, shopping together and stuff. But isn’t it the coolest ever when she realises you look different and tells you that you’re indeed, looking prettier today. Would that mean something more to you ?
I think there’s one thing that can make others happy which people nowadays are starting to forget : giving others compliments, whether it’s your friend or just a stranger. It’s free, you got nothing to lose and it’s so easy to do ! There was this one time when I’ve gained so much weight my jeans even try to suffocate me to death and I wasn’t feeling confident at all,  I was really insecure. But three business clients who haven’t seen me for a long time, told me I look pretty, on three times on the same day, and it just made my day. It wasn’t the fake, typical greetings or compliments that you throw to people, but I can see the honesty of the compliments ( I know best because I live in a box town where you just have to fake stuff and being two-faced is something that I regularly face ).
Well, I’m not really saying that you have to lie, or fake it, to make others happy. There are no true happiness when you compliment people based on lies ( plus talking shit behind their backs afterwards ) but I think it’s worth a try to notice somebody around you that probably making some efforts to look different or whatever. And doesn’t it make you happy to make others happy ? It doesn’t take much time, it doesn’t take much energy, it just take a little bit of kindness.
So start to take notice of people around you and tell them they’re beautiful in their own way or just notice something different in them, or something that they did when they’re trying to look better. Put them in your own shoes. Wouldn’t it be nice when somebody tell you, you’re pretty ?
Well, you’re pretty.
Much loves and happy almost weekend guys.
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Simple act of kindness and pure happiness to yourself : Compliments.
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A peek of things that make me, well, ME – art and design magazines, doodle book and my ultimate old laptop. Give me these and some vibes then I can spend my days in my room.
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Onesie : Thaikila Bikinis, Denim – Slip Ons – Accessories : TOPSHOP, Bag : ZARA

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