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Live Lemon on Coconut Flavour

Introverts, extroverts, anyone in between, and there’s me in that part of grey area between the two characters. Sometimes I feel like being around people, being a bubbly self of me, making friends and live life like a lemon : yellow and bright, tangy, refreshing, living life like it’s all summer all day, everyday of the year. On the other hand, sometimes I feel like I just want to snuggle up in my comfy duvet, chill, being alone, having a massive me time, all me myself and I without distractions, hearing my own thoughts, having that detoxing day from everyone else almost like drinking fresh coconut water and let all the bad things out from your body.
That being said, when you’re a new kid on the block, you’ll meet new people. Being a new kid, sometimes when you know this person first and when the other person appears, they let you know who they are. Oh, this girl is this, her characters is this. She did this, she did that. Never come near this guy, he used to date this girl and then thing went this way. Do you know that this group did this ? They’re really bad. Or good. Or whatever. Believe it or not, when people giving you these kind of informations about people, probably some others are giving informations about you too. It’s not that they’re bad people or nosy, sometimes they just can’t help it.
Judgements are something that the world will throw at us. Who we used to be, what we did wrong. Some people tend to see just minor tiny little mistakes compared to hundred great little things we did. Some couldn’t move on from the past and bring them as their luggage in life. How heavy could that be? If we keep throwing judgements and thinking more of the negativities ? Guess what… We’ll end up being alone because nobody will ever be perfect. Everything has glitch, no matter how small, it’s our duty to just accept and compromise.
I tend to tolerate people, no matter what their intentions toward me. I forgive the bad, I greet and grateful for the good. I believe that good karmas will always be with me as long as I stay on the bright side and the good side always, when you do good to this person – well if this person ever forgets – somebody else will take care of it and do good things to you. Nothing is ever really a nothing in life, especially kindness and acceptance. People will always have past, either good or bad. What matters most is what the present and future hold, and I think it’s our duties to make the best out of people around us.
So here’s to friendships and moments, and making the best out of it, good or bad.
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But the best of all, I will always have a Mom who’s not only a mother to me – but a best friend forever. She’s a different kind of Mom compared to others, I am so grateful and thankful for that. That’s one friendship I’ll keep and I know I’ll never lose, EVER and EVER.
Some of the early friendships I have that I know I will have as a long-term kind of bestfriendships to the future. We accept each other’s good days and bad days, always forgive and tolerate, which are some things that take us far. Thank you guys, for always care about me and make my heart blooms, yet you guys are going hard to tell me of what’s bad and being honest with me. That, I’ll cherish.
Some of the early friendships I gained in Bali, a paradise I’m proudly called my second home. Being away from family and from my hometown crews, I met this people. Bali is just like an island of melting pot. At the end of the day I’ll always meet different people from different countries sharing different dreams. Some are only visiting, some are living back and forth, others just stay here. Some are Australians, Italians, Dutch. I’ve always make the best of my time here making friends and learning different cultures, I am lucky enough to keep some friendships all the way with me up until today and I’ll make sure it will last to the future ! It’s always been my dreams to have friends from different parts of the world and make memories with them all.
Making friends are really easy. Here’s my tips : when you’re in a group with different people, someday one of them or some will annoy you. When it gets to you, if you want to be brutally honest, just tell them how you feel. But if not, it’s okay to take some time away and keep your distance and when you’re cool, you can always come back. Always do good, always stay bright and be that one person who’ll always be fun to have around. People love to be around a good person, right ? This makes me go all the way, having friends from different continents, from different backgrounds and ages. You know, my Mom’s friends are even my friends too ! There are no age gaps, cultural gaps or anything. Only one thing for sure the key to being happy with all kinds of friendships : ACCEPTANCE.
I’m making friends everywhere I go. Either to coffee shops’ baristas, waiters or waitresses, random people I meet on the streets or whatever. Some people kept telling me to be suspicious at times, but hey ! Look at me, still here, writing to you. Which means as long as you stay positive and keep your kindness, the universe will take care of you and nothing bad will ever happen to you. Believe on goodness. They do exists. Some may talk shits behind you no matter how lovely you are, but it’s their loss to keep the negativity with them and their problems. Some may take advantages of you but shame on them. Some will be around you with hidden agendas and always butter things up for you, it’s the problem with their hearts, deeds and their Gods. Just keep yourself clean and love yourself enough to do better, regardless what people are towards you.
So guys, when you’re ready, go out there, make friends and nailed the friendship – KILL EM WITH KINDNESS!

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