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Date Humans, Not Onions

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Hello people, this post brought to you on 16.26 PM West Java Indonesia time and it’s all so bright and sunny it hurts your heart kind of weather outside. How are you all ? Hope its all too good ! And if you’re having some kind of bad day? No worries at all, it will pass, it’s always pass away. Brand new days ahead.
Lately, my brand’s fashion collections have been about both menswear and womenswear collections. Before, I’ve always been producing things for women as I knew it better than for the men. But recently, having my awesome best friend as a design and production manager to be a partner, which is awesome by the way, having a guy’s point of view and opinions get into me and my brain finally gave up and give in to make my brand provides both men and women fashion needs. So this year my brand has been producing collection after collection consisting menswear and womenswear, and sometimes we create things in coordinates so people who buy our products can do a matching-couple-relationship-goals-thingy. Which by the way, inspires me to do a post on my experiences of previous relationships that I had and things that I’ve learn about some guys I dated. LOL.
Please don’t judge me, I’ve been single for three whole years and it’s been the best time of my life. I had this really bad beyond believe break up and after that, I travelled. I studied in Europe, I went to concerts in several countries, I met people and made the best experiences of my life – SOLO. I travel solo mostly most of my entire life since I was a kid and that built me into an independent woman that I am today. I’m still my parents’ little girl sometimes, but okay, all I’m saying is that after a break up and a relationship that was so bad, travelling is the best medicine – it’s different from all the solo travels I did before that. What happened is that I was in a three years relationship with a picture perfect guy, but at the end of the day we kept destroying each other because we had different visions. When you cry almost all day everyday and feel shitty about yourself because the other person keep planting an idea that you’re not good enough to live, that’s unhealthy and that will kill you, sooner or later. So I’ve finally stand up for myself, set my feet out the door and never look back. I was brave enough to do that, and that was the best decision I’ve ever chosen in life – no matter how hard it was. I’m not saying that I didn’t make any mistakes, I must do things that hurt also, but when you no longer can compromise, you should be bold enough to end it, whatever it takes, whatever it is.
But read this, I was in a two-year-relationship with a guy. We got along really well until we broke up. Things happened, we haven’t been seeing each other or bump into each other in a while and after six years, we met again. Long story shorts, we kind of dating again. I should’ve known that if things didn’t work the first time, probably it wouldn’t work the next time. I’ve learned to love myself for the three years that I’ve chosen to be single, so I’m confident enough to say that I’m capable to love others, whether it’s a friend, a family or even an enemy. But this guy, he needs healing. I’ve been this positive person around him, and whenever he got problem, he called me. And me, being the positive person that I am, try to cheer him up. You know what happened ? He will answer with a low, sarcastic voice saying that, “Not everybody is as happy as you and I’m not you” without even trying to appreciate my effort. What I couldn’t really accept is the fact that he kept on trying to drag myself down with him whenever he didn’t feel confident. Like saying, “Oh, when I dated you back then, you were so small, so little, tinier” or “You’re fat now, you’re not as small as you used to be” or “You were really pretty back then” and I was like “WHAT THE F?”. He kept on doing that up until my patience were gone and I sent that guy out of my life. I’m not defending myself, but in every stage of life, we have our own kind of beauties. When we were in our teenage years, we have the youthful kind of beauty, in the twenties we have this young but ready to grow up beauty, and so on. I can see grown women who are so beautiful and inspiring. But remember this, we have to be beautiful both inside and out.
Some girls couldn’t handle on being single, they stay on a relationship even though when they’re crying all the time and tolerate some intolerable things. Be smart. Find a guy who will support who you truly are, who would feel lucky to have you and accept you the way you are. You will fight, but you guys will figure things out and make up. That’s the relationship you should sign up for : A relationship with a good human being. Don’t date an onion who will make your eyes close and burst into tears anytime. Haha. Strong is not an excuse to stay in an unhealthy relationship. Believe me, when you’re stressing out almost all the time ? You’ll need an anti-aging products soon. You don’t want to look older than your actual age, right, girls ? So choose to be happy.
Well this is just some random post.
Enjoy your day.
Processed with VSCO with fp8 preset Processed with VSCO with fp8 preset Processed with VSCO with fp8 presetProcessed with VSCO with fp8 preset
Glimpses of my local clothing fashion brand : the couple stuff. I named this collection as #NONAMANIS and her #LOVER , highlighting relationship between a guy and a girl, strong as individuals but stronger as a couple. Also using Indonesian patterns and fabrics called batik and tenun, designed in youthful style but wearable for every age. Check out our instagram and @unfairytaleme — affordable, stylish and made with love for everyone.

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