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The Bullshit Jobs

One of my jobs in life : #fashionworks as I named this nowadays. I started up an Indonesian, all handmade, local clothing brand and has been funding the brand ever since. As work with my parents company got bigger and overloaded, I asked one of my best friends to be my partner in designing and production supervising. This is one of our early works together as a team, I themed the collection as travelling with a best friend. Clean simple lines but more stylish and wearable plus affordable of course, I want this collection to be acceptable for all ages and all styles, plus comfortable all the way for girls in every shapes and sizes ( instagram : @unfairytaleme and )
Hello People of The World, so happy I live in 2018 and I can say hi virtually by my blog to you all. Thank God for internet ! Haha. Cheesy. LOL.
So, one of my activities in the morning before work is going to the gym nearby my house. Everyday, on my way, I will walk pass a bookstore which always already open early in the morning and I am also one of their loyal customers. One day, a book caught my eyes : titled The Bullshit Jobs. I haven’t had a chance to read the review, synopsis or whatsoever but I snatched it away and bought it. I will read it soon because I’m very excited about it, but being a bookworm I am and a committed geek I will finish the one that I’m still reading first – few pages left though yay ! And so, the title got me thinking about my own views and terms about THE BULLSHIT JOBS there are in my field of works.
One of the many things in life that I love to do up until now is learning and one of the many parts and paths of life that I’m doing work wise is working for my mom amazing successful well known design and production company. As a proud and a good daughter I’ve always been present at meetings with her and her clients because I love meeting people and learn how to deal with work stuff, whatever it is. The journey lead me to this : one time, we did a drive for 5 hours to deal with a meeting that only lasted for less than one hour. We could probably wrap it up in just 15 minutes. The people who were present there were about ten guys and probably just two of them were doing their jobs and understanding what was happening and what we were doing and talking about. Others ? Well, they all were just sit there and exist, be present, asking obvious questions and get paid big sum of money – while updating posts on Instagram or checking their Tinder of whatever ( oh yes, baby, this girl could really take a peek when she feels like being disrespected while her Mom talking big things and you people are checking your phones ).
It’s always pissed me off when some hardworking people get paid less that some who landed great jobs get paid more. These people just take good things for granted and not doing their shits 100%. I’m not going to lie that I’m going through hardships in life seeking for the one thing that I would really love to do in life, I am so beyond grateful and thankful to have everything always falls on my lap easily, but if I have every chances in the world to use my brain and talents doing what I love, damn right I will to my limits !
In life, if you get to do what you love, never take things for granted and always do your best and make the best out of it. If you haven’t found what you want to do in life yet or if you are stuck with a job you have so bad, still, just do your best, you might not like it but you might learn something out of it. Everything takes commitments and everything you’re through in life, is never really a big fat nothing. It’s always something at the end.
So guys, do something real, get real, get your shits done : make some golds !
Peace, love and good night.
Got some sore throat anyway. Keep yourselves healthy, loves.
With love from S, x.

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P.S I haven’t been doing my best with this brand to be honest, I know that if I go 100% probably I’ll create more magic. My activities got frazzled and my focus are divided and so far, this is what I can do for now. I will try to do better I promise, because having a built brand is not something that everyone is blessed with, being noticed by people, having customers, it’s rare nowadays and that are all I have ! So I will try to do better and not to take things for granted, like I believe I stand for.


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