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Public Places : Manners, Please !

Taken at one of the best coffee shops in Kayu Aya, Seminyak, Bali, Indonesia.
Pink Tropical Coordinate Top and Bottom : ZARA, Sunglasses : DIOR, Bag : BALENCIAGA, Shoes : Forever21, Accessories : Unbranded from Thailand Local Market
Hi, People ! How are you ? Monday, as I’m writing this post and it’s been all sunny today where I’m at.
For a start, I’m just going to drop this : Who doesn’t like to hang out at coffee shops ? Whether you’re addicted or not to the daily dose of caffeine the coffee beans are infusing you, great coffee shops are indeed where mostly human beings spend their breakfast, brunch, lunch or afternoon break time at. While every continent, city or whatever has some of the best coffee shops there are – like I know Bali has its own coolest coffee places ever like the famous Revolver Espresso, Pison Coffee ( which the two are so hype and each a must-visit destinations for tourists, etc. etc. – let’s talk about something more global, like for instance #drumrollplease : STARBUCKS COFFEE.
Starbucks in Indonesia has been that one brand with most consumers and they are actually keep growing everywhere. I’ve always been into Starbucks, no matter how people are going on with the pros and the cons, but Starbucks has been opening so many branches in my little home town in West Java. Long story short, almost everybody loves Starbucks. And this experience happened today, this afternoon, at a Starbucks located in one of the most popular and most visited mall here.
I was queueing as always for my afternoon coffee with a friend – which I don’t know HERE probably animals are smarter to make a line for drinks properly than humans populated in this town ( again, not saying that everybody is, but there are some people with no brains or manners out here who actually think queueing is THAT hard ) – patiently, when we both finally reached the front line to order our coffees. And shame, what did we find in front of the cashier ? Shits that are actually so f*ing easy for people to take and drop to the garbage bin available several footsteps from where they left them. There were unused receipts, a plastic cup of mineral water, the plastic straw wrapper and some other wrinkled papers. It was a mess and a total turn off for anybody who wants to order something.
PEOPLE, how hard was it to just take unwanted things, unused things, garbage or stuff that you need to throw away to the place where they belong without making public a public place such a mess ? I mean, come on. Please consider other people. Don’t be selfish. You’re not the only habitant in this world. You should tolerate other people, keep every public place clean and consider others and put yourself in their shoes.
Same goes with using public toilets, always leave them clean and as tidy as possible. Let’s say you’re in a coffee shops or wherever, you’re going to the toilet before having your meal, have you ever been in a position where you go to the toilet and it was so messy and it just turn off your appetite instantly? SAME GOES WITH OTHERS !
Somehow, you should respect public places and just consider people who would use something after you. And even if people are being rude and selfish, don’t just give up, throw your hands up and being the same with those people. When you have to step up and do the right thing even when the world up against you doing the wrong stuff, always choose the RIGHT THINGS TO DO. Be your own hero. Being the one person that’s right means more than no one at all.
So, people, that’s all for today. Keep your good manners !
Peace and Love, S.

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