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Too Savage For Boxtown


Dear you people of the entire whole universe,
Some of you might live in a big city like New York, some of you might live in a beautiful paradise like Hawaii, some of you probably living the Hollywood dreams in California, and there are some like me, born in a tiny dot of the earth, a small town somewhere in Java, Indonesia.
Ever since I was a kid, growing up, I’ve always knew deep in my heart and soul, I was not made and meant to spend the rest of my life, growing old in this town. I’ve always been that girl thinking differently and out of the box, planting my my goal to live elsewhere someday. I’m blessed enough to have both parents provided with modern and global mindset, also having some of my relatives living outside the country, it was easier to adapt different cultures when they come back visiting. Some of them are married to foreigners too, so I’ve been around multicultural situations a lot and it’s never shocking for me to have friends from different races. I love hanging out with foreigners so so much because I can learn a lot about the different habits and things like that. My English has always been clear because I’ve been talking fluent English since I was a kid, so that helps me a lot too.
My parents send me travelling everywhere and I’ve studied in several countries. I love to travel solo from one place to another. And having been with art people from almost all over the world, going home has always been something hard for me to deal with. I mean, I love seeing my family again, because they are awesome ! But, man, the people who live in this town ? Man, I think their brains are set on one regularity in every generation : which kills me because I think, what they pass from one generation to another is the same mentality and it won’t take you elsewhere – not growing, not heading somewhere, but to born – live – die here.
P.S I am not saying it’s everyone, but MOSTLY.
The girls, no matter how smart they are, always end up being pressured by the peer, eagerly waiting to the ripe age of 26 and get married and then they try their best to have kids. THE END. When they reach 30 and if they’re still single, they’re like on death rows. Meanwhile, I want to travel and see the world, living my dream and living my life, learning from my mistakes, ready to be whole and love myself enough to see what life can take me. If I never ever get married til death us do part with a guy, that’s fine ! Some marriages are made for success, some are not. And at the end of the day, what matters is to be truly happy ! Speaking of which, in this box town, if you were to be married and then somehow got divorced, some elderly women will look down on you because you are not graduated from the married life commitment. Well, bitches, if the guy was abusive or if it didn’t work, why would you be miserable for the rest of your life ? And why would you think that the girl is the whore ? Probably you women are miserable and too afraid to act on it and then to see others that successfully do it, you are to jealous.
I had this six packs once because I worked my ass off to get it. I uploaded the photo on facebook. After one hour, one of my Mom’s friend actually called her – to have her make me take down the photo and delete it for good just because she thought if I post that people would think I was a bad girl. I deleted my facebook account ever since. The only social media platform I have now is instagram, on private, and not everyone knows about this blog. If in the future somebody reads it – be it – hate me or whatever, I don’t care. Even if some girls post sexy photos of them, or if they are indeed naughty or bad, what the hell ? It’s their lives and as long as they don’t do things that hurt you or pain you, so what ? They do nothing to you ! Hands off and just mind your own business ! I think it’s best to focus on ourselves, right ?
Some people even crazy enough if let say, there’s something bad happened to one person or a family, the next day words will spread quickly even it can change from A to Z, and it will be the next best thing on WhatsApp broadcasts for people to gossip and to judge. Crazy isn’t it ? And I think it’s just a bunch of people with nothing else more important to do with their God damn boring lives.
My friends who share the same open minded souls and free spirit find it really hard and frustrating to live here. Adapting modernity and our habits to mind our own businesses, it is so freaking hard to blend in with these nosy unimportant people. I don’t get it and I will never get it and I will never try to get it. I know that each and everyone of us has our own lives to live and businesses to mind. One friend just got back from Milan and she had to live for several months in here and she was barely serving, she had already moved out and live in elsewhere around Europe again now.
Well, it’s just me. I’m just too busy nosying around and gossiping around. I have my own life to live and to make it so awesome, it hurts people who jealous of me. But thank you so much box town, because of you I can be numb to people’s gossip and judgements and I know that the best revenge is to have the best times of my life and live it to the fullest.
Peace and love for you villagers and your tiny brains – I will move my ass from here ASAP – over and out.
S xxx.

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