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Tiny Big Things

Hey, people ! How’s your day ? Hope it’s all good and sunny side up ! Been in a public holiday mood today as the 17th August is Indonesia’s Independence Day, we let our red and white national flag fly and let the tourists from other cities come in and savour the place that I’m at nowadays, Bandung, West Java, Indonesia. And, oh ! Shopping malls are doing Independence Day sale on brands like Topshop, ZARA, H&M – the well known and popular ready-to-wear brands ( Indonesians, did you shop ? LOL ).
Have you guys ever heard of this – Notice the little things, someday you might look back and realise they were big things. And indeed, I think this is not just some kind of phrase that will look good as a caption on your instagram post. But if you think this through carefully and rewind back on moments of your life, you might find some memories that back then, you considered them as nothing, but indeed it was something that you can cherish. The simplest thing that would probably looked ordinary, but man, it was something so simple it makes you extraordinarily happy and joyful.
I have so many goals in life. Some of them are big. Some of them are so simple and small, people think it’s barely even a goal. And indeed my goal is noticing the little things that make me happy. I don’t want to lose even the smallest, tiniest moment, that I missed out on something that probably can make me feel better.
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After not cooking for quite a while, I made this home cooked meal all by myself. I know for some of you great cooks or even chefs out there, this meal it’s so simple you can cook this with your eyes closed. But this was something that made me smile proudly that day just because the salmon was perfectly cooked, the asparagus were not overcooked, seasoned to perfection according to my likings. It was the perfect start to a work day. Being happy from the start, because of something this simple, I was productive the whole day.
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Having been living in Bali a lot for quite some time now, I am blessed enough to see a lot of golden hour moments. For people who were born in this island or who moved here permanently, probably seeing the sun set by the horizon on the beach, with wave racing and catching each other, the warm breeze and pink cotton candy sky, unlimited skyline, is something that is considered general, ordinary or just something to experience daily, you can go to the beach any day, whenever you like, to watch this view. But have you ever considered probably some other people in this world have never ever been sitting on the beach being chill and cosy and watch this daily event ? Probably for you, “It’s just a sunset” but for some others, it’s more than that. It’s a spectacular moment and meaningful event. Even from one day to another, it will never be the same moment or sunset.
So everyone out there reading this, I encourage you to notice every little things that happen to your life daily. Enjoy every single second and every single moment everyday. The good things will make you look back and smile, the bad things will make you feel grateful when things get better.
Embrace each one, for not everyone is where you at.
Love and good nite, lovelies.
your girl S.

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