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Jealous Much ?

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Live like it’s Heaven on earth – welcome to my kind of personal Heaven : cozy room, me time and a lot of day dreaming for inspirations.
People say I have a good life, a kind of life that probably some girls would be jealous at and dreaming to possess, some friends even told me bluntly that seeing my instagram posts are a total torture for them because they see the dream life and they have to work their ass to have this life. Some say, the posts are motivational, they see my photos and set their goals : I want to have her life in the future – which is cool and I am so honoured about it. I’m not going to complain and bitch about the life that I have today. Being a Christian and a believer, I often ask in my prayers, what did I do to deserve such an awesome life. I wouldn’t complain and I will try everything in my power to cherish every second.
I came from a small town in West Java, where the circle of social life is really small, you bump into the same people, people you know ended up marrying each other. It’s a nice, modern city, but still with the traditional, literally typical, same mindset. I’m not saying that EVERYONE is like that, but mostly : yes, they’re the same. Some of them probably have nothing much to do, at the end of the day they are talking about others behind their back, even judging people they don’t know. You can say A and by the end of the day it will be a Z. People will gossip mercilessly without even ( HELL O ) looking at themselves in the mirror.
An ex girlfriend of my long-term ex boyfriend, which I haven’t even met in real life, which I don’t even know, bitch about me in this app called PATH ( which I don’t even use ), slaying a comment about my addiction of playing dress up and daily outfit posts, saying things such as she is much more simpler and what she is compared to me. Long story short, she was just yapping around throwing things at me. She even talked about me through some friends, probably trying to piled up a troop of haters. What did I do ? I laughed. I don’t get people who bitch about others because in my opinion, the more you talk about someone and what you don’t like about him or her, the more you are filling your brain with that person, and the more you think about that person – whereas probably the person you are talking about doesn’t even give a shit and just living a good life. Which, I am. I have been the the talk of the town, being single, travelling, my parents giving me an easy life and just to be out there and live different experiences – while others are settled down with a husband and probably a league of kids.
Social media is a platform of jealousy these days. Some people see other people’s lives based on the posts they uploaded and they let their brains do the judgements and let themselves think according to their eyes. They see people having a great time in a yacht, or partying up the life, holding shopping bags or a bottle of Moet and instantly they think : wow, these are the riches. They see some girls, taking selfies, looking beautiful, but little did they know that probably those girls are looking ordinary, living the ordinary lives, only they know and learn about perfect angles and the perfect way of editing their photos. They see bloggers travelling their lives away and going everywhere looking fab, do you know that those photos need so much work and that looking fab somehow exhausting when you need to do photos, videos, contents and stuff? Social media is a race between one human being to another about having a better look or a better life.
It is said that there is more than meets the eyes – believe me – this is true. Each and everyone of us has our own battles that already set by the universe. We have our own mountains to climb. We always see that the neighbour’s grass is always greener without looking through the glass window and see what’s inside the house. We can see people living good lives through social media while in reality, it is indeed just a matter of taking good photos and having the perfect captions.
So yeah, probably I am well known for a girl who posts everything in my small hometown, a city which is populated – in my opinion – mostly by people who are too nosy about others’ lives and having nothing much to do so then they decided to hate somebody they don’t know. At all. They believe everything the little birdie told them in a blink without thinking twice and using their brains. Social media is definitely a platform where people get jealous, but at the end of the day it’s their problem to hate, not mine. Most importantly, I think it’s so stupid when you have something against someone so much, you really don’t have to follow that person’s social media ( for example instagram ). Think a little further, you might be just JEALOUS. PLAIN JEALOUS.
Love me. Hate me. Follow me. Unfollow me. It’s a free world.
Peace x Love for you all, whoever and wherever, whatever you’re feeling or thinking about me.
S xxx.
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Happy toenails on my comfy sandals, some presents from friends that I believe have nothing against me haha.
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Poplin Blue Tassel Playsuit : ZARA, Earrings : Local Bali Weekend Market, Sneakers : Worn Out White Converse All-Stars, Bag : BALENCIAGA

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