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Me and My Cheeseburger :)

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Growing up, I’ve always been that kind of girl who’s so into art, playing music by the piano, drawing bunch of things, reading and one of the things that I love to do most is writing.
People told me to blog since 10 years ago. Well, short things short, it never happened.
I decided to write now and here comes the blog – Sassa and Her Cheeseburger – it’s just a bunch of things about a girl, growing older, who has and feels a bunch of feelings and emotions, also about life experiences both the good days and the bad days, about hopes and dreams, about being bold on one hand and the fear on the other. But most importantly, about being real and genuine.
What got me into – FINALLY – blogging is that at this point of my life – where I think life is going to stop as my age is reaching 30 soon – I’ve been stressing a lot so I’m trying to find a platform to just release everything about it and then boom, the idea of blogging was born. I was thinking – okay, I’ll do a personal blog, writing down things that happened to me, moment to moment and just try to be consistent. Unsure about the readers, but I think if somebody ever finds this blog, that person probably can relate to me and find something in me or in my writings. As a friend, older or little sister, daughter, soulmate or everything in between.
After a bunch of changes and confusions, I finally named my blog : and created the blog on WordPress, after finding out all about this how to blog thingy on an inspirational book and learned from that. I also got a lot of help from my Dutch friend who’s been doing IT his whole life ( Hans, thank you so much for helping me ! I’m sorry I’ve been bothering you day and night ! Haha. And I will hunt you down day and night to practice my Dutch language skill  OMG I’m such a trouble – LOL ).
Sassa has always been my alter ego name, a childlike playful side of me, a girl who hopes that she never has to grow up, who talks about things that flashes into her head and brain straight away.
On the other hand, McDonald’s cheeseburgers have always been my ultimate favourite since I was a kid. As my ultimate guilty pleasure in life, I’ll enjoy it with my heart and soul, every single bite of the goodie but I’ll have to work my ass off on the next day at the gym and that’s the part that I hate most ! LOL ! Talk about a LOVE and HATE relationship at the same time !
So the philosophy of the blog : This is an honest journal about a girl, who wish that she can relate to anyone in the world, random things about anything. ANYTHING !
As one of my interests has always been fashion, I will be giving outfit details as well ! My posts might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but just enjoy. It’s just about having fun and make the best of what I can do, and make the best times out of this one life ! Create moments and to just live 🙂
S xx.


Processed with VSCO with fp8 preset Processed with VSCO with fp8 preset
One fine day in Bali – a paradise that forever will be my second home


White Crochet Playsuit – Boho Tassel Bag : ZARA, High Top Sneakers : Converse Play by CDG, Accessories : Bali Local Products at The Weekend Market


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